Our Cattery

Our cattery is situated in a quiet area of our property, away from the dog kennels.  The cats have a choice of where to stay, either in one of our outside chalets or in our cosy barn.


All of our accommodation has heated beds which cats thoroughly enjoy.  We also provide toys and scratching posts to ensure an enjoyable stay.


Our outside accommodation offers a chalet style bedroom and a run.  The chalets enjoy sun through out the day.  We've also placed some bird feeders nearby as well as planting for butterflies so there is constant entertainment.


Our cosy barn is for those cats which prefer the home comforts of being indoors.  Each accommodation has all the amenities of an outside chalet, they are just indoors!


We feed our cats twice a day or as specified by you if needed.  Our cats receive a fuss through out the day and also treats at bedtime and other times!