Our Kennels

We have kennels to suits all sizes of dogs!


Our kennel blocks are very sociable and the dogs can watch things going on in the garden as well as seeing other dogs on block.


All kennels are naturally ventilated and within each kennel is a private bedroom area which ensures your dog can have some privacy.  Each kennel bedroom has its own thermostatic heater for times when its cold.


We provide all beds and bedding although if you would like to bring some of your dogs familiar bedding and toys you are very welcome.


A typical day for our boarders

We start the day around 7.30am and everyone goes out to spend a penny.  We then start our walks from 8am.  We have 3 paddocks for walks and vary each walk to ensure a change of scenery.  The paddocks range in size from 3/4 an acre to 2 1/2 acres.  Within each of the paddocks we have a selection of toys for play. 


Once walks are completed we serve breakfast and then let the dogs rest.   All our dogs get cuddles and attention through out the day.


At 3pm we start another round of walks.  We find that our boarders settle in well to the daily routine very quickly.  There is quite a lot of excitement when we start walks which is fun to hear and see!


Supper is served after the afternoon walks and everyone gets some bed time treats and a cuddle before we close at 5pm.


Later on in the evening we carry out bedtime checks, let everyone out to spend a penny and of course a little more fussing!  That's our typical day.